Closed Captioning for South Korean Broadcast TV

South Korea uses the ATSC TV transmission standard, which is the same transmission signal as the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  However, closed captioning an HD signal in South Korea requires special encoding that is very different from the typical captioning system available in the United States. South Korean VANC data is encoded using a standard very close to the CEA-708 standard used in North America, but with a different character encoding called KS C 5601.

File Based Encoding of Korean Captioning

Adding HD captioning data to video file formats is not new. However, being able to add Korean captioning data with existing CC compatible hardware and software is new.  The following files and hardware that are used for North American closed captioning now will support the South Korean HD captioning:

  • MPEG-2 Program or Transport Stream
  • QuickTime 608/708 for Final Cut Pro 7 and AJA VTR Exchange
  • Avid AAF for Media Composer 5 and above
  • Matrox 4VANC with Mac based Matrox MXO2 play-out
  • .MCC for Adobe CS6/Harris Nexio/Blackmagic Hyperdeck
  • More may be coming

How to Monitor Korean Captioning

To be able to check Korean captioning for sync and accuracy, a professional monitor that has a Korean closed captioning decoder built-in must be used. TV Logic Model LVM-173W3G is the only monitor we know of that has the proper decoder capabilities for CEA-708 KS C 5601 captioning.

Delivering Korean Captioning to TV and the Web

Extracting the VANC data line from live broadcast feeds to create caption file types for the web will work for Korean broadcasters in the same manner as in the U.S. Therefore data captioning files can then be easily repurposed for internet video file delivery.  This requires a system that understands the Korean CEA-708 KS C 5601 caption encoding to convert the broadcast TV captions into a web format like SMPTE Timed Text, DFXP, or WebVTT.

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